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Focus on Your Strengths

Make It Your Problem

Unless you are a tennis ball, you don’t want to be well rounded. Be the best Bob, Jane, Tanya, Diana, Mike, Jon, … you can be. You  have been given passion, learned and mastered skills. There is one thing or many things that you are remarkable at. There  are also things that you stink at. I stink at anything that requires extreme attention to detail – double entry book keeping, baking, jigsaw puzzles.

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I made the choice to focus on the stuff that energizes me, that inspires me, that I know I am really great at and reduce wherever possible the stinky stuff. I  don’t resent doing it but I know there is someone else who is much better and enjoys it.

Give yourself a break today and do more of the work that you are remarkable at and less of the stuff that someone else is amazing at doing…

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Not only is it disconcerting to find out that you have recurring prostate cancer, but then to have to deal with restrictive insurance companies and find out that it will only get worse, just adds icing to the cake of worry and stress.  The bright spot – dealing with the Mayo Clinic.

Health Care 2So here’s the deal.  You find you have a rising PSA when, without a prostate, your PSA should be zero.  Problem!

You then find that there is a wonderful test that potentially could identify where the growing prostate cancer is located so that appropriate treatment could take place.  Get the test!  Right?  Not so fast…

In the Mayo Clinic consult I find that in order for insurance to cover the test, they require other tests – CAT scan and Bone Scan – be done so that (my words – less expensive diagnostic tests) one can find out if…

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Earning top search rankings on Google isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to ensure your site is optimized, is high-quality, and has a great user experience. Here are 10 tips on how to get started optimizing for Google’s algorithm today and beyond.

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Manlio Mannozzi

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Microsoft Launches Skype for in Six Countries
The Next Web
Microsoft today launched Skype for in six markets: the US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Brazil.

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Kamal Bennani Photography

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Here are ten free ways to generate traffic to your web site.

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Eav Daily Tips

Welcome to Empire Avenue!

When you read this, you probably just started. You might have already created an account (by following the ‘Getting Started’ Procedure), or you may be looking for help getting your account started.

This post should help you to make a great start playing this ‘Game’.

Also watch and listen Robert Frank’s Vlog “Review Empire Avenue” after starting 2 weeks on the Avenue

Many folks wonder about the ‘objective’ of this game.   Simply put, it is about investing and engaging in new Social Media contacts.  Empire Avenue supports, extends, and evaluates your online Social Media Network activity.

Many folks wonder about how to win this game.  The two most commonly used measures are Share Price and Net Wealth of your account.  Everyone begins with a Share Price of 10 and the most expensive players are almost over 2000.  The richest player on EAv has over 14 billion…

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Cperky's Blog

Working with friends can be fun. But to keep these relationships smooth, you need to follow a few rules.

First and foremost, never send a business email disguised as a friendly “hey, how are you?” Conversely, if you’re reaching out as a friend, don’t talk shop. Maintain a healthy separation between business and your personal lives. When you do need to reach out to a friend about business, do it under separate cover. Send a friendly email asking about her new job and her kids and give her a heads up that you are going to contact her separately about the proposal you discussed. That way, she can forward your professional message onto colleagues without all of the personal details in it.

It’s important to be both sociable and professional. But with friends, keep those things distinct.

Adapted from “Stop Mixing Business with Pleasure” by Jodi Glickman.

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Harold's Garden

ImageI often get asked how I got such a high share price so quickly.  I always laugh about that question; because I feel like it is the least and last thing that I have any control over.  I am detailed about how to build net wealth.  I am clear about how to grow dividends.  With share price, some days I ride a rocket ship and others a donkey cart.  Generally speaking I don’t do much different with my account.  I also don’t worry much about my price.  My only concession to concern about price is that I do work to avoid “red” days…I guess actually “gray” days is more accurate.  Dups decided that red freaked out folks; so he changed the down indicator to gray.  Up a little or up a lot doesn’t change much for me, but I have seen how price decline can feed on itself and really crater a…

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