Here’s some inspiration to start the week!

Monty C. Wright

Risk…for some, this word creates a sense of excitement and unlimited potentialities…for others, it creates a sense of fear, dread, or even paralysis. I believe risk is an attribute that God breathed into us…while smiling…infusing us with hope, potential, and possibility. You see, I think the capacity to risk flows from God so that we might dare to dream big dreams and make a lasting impact with the life we have been gifted.

To never take a risk leaves a person  sheltered, but luke-warm…alive, but stagnant…seemingly safe, but actually in danger of soul-atrophy.

I have talked to too many people who live as captives to the culture; captives to their circumstances; and captives to pseudo-happiness…all the while their soul is shriveling, longing for a jail-break!

If money was not a part of the world’s system for advancement…what would you do?

If you could change anything and you believed that you…

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