Have you checked your profiles recently? I’ve just updated mine after having read this excellent article.

Bruce/Sally Witt, Social Media & Ministry

When someone looks you up on Google Plus or Facebook, they see a different screen than you usually look at.  I have been so surprised how many people are not changing their cover photos!!

You don’t want to look like you are new and un-educated in Social Media!  Take advantage of the new features as they become available.  If you are not sure, have a friend look at your profiles and make sure that you are not missing an important item there,

Here is my profile without a cover photo:






Here is my profile with a cover photo:





Cover photos are another way to express yourself, or to further your image.  If you are building a brand online – use it!

There are so many places to get free photos now for your wallpapers and profiles.

The photos for the Facebook…

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