Graduation season!

Monty C. Wright

As we enter graduation season, schedules are getting full, stress is high, and the future is being discussed by an expanding number of people. Who will our graduating young men and women become? Will they pursue their passion and purpose or will they be forced into a mold someone else designs for them?

Will they become Planet Changers, or will they become Planet Dwellers? My prayer is for our young men and women to realize their potential and move in a direction and path that unleashes their soul in creativity, beauty and transformation.

Here’s to our graduates. Some inspiration and thoughts to help them break the mold of the mundane and ordinary. To escape a “good enough” life or a”settled for” life. Dream some God sized dreams that are larger than you and have the capacity to push humanity closer to our potential, free of the influences that would strangle passion, creativity and love…


“You have…

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