Food! Food! Pretty food!

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My sincerest thanks to Catherine Donnelly who just yesterday suggested the words  hungry, pretty and green which proved to be the perfect excuse to indulge my blog visitors in some more food porn.  As always,  I did an image search for these three words.   And came up with a lot of great food pics.  While some of these food pics clearly have a green theme,  others like this bacon cheese burger stack that I got from Stick ’em Up  don’t seem in any way green,  but no doubt will appeal to my bacon loving buddies.  (I fear Sharon may shudder if she sees this one.)

The baked fish with the garlicky green beans on the side,  which come from Erin’s  Food Obsessed in the Midwest blog are perhaps a slightly more color appropriate choice.  Though I can’t honestly say that the fish or the potatoes look very appealing…

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