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Slavica Bogdanov

A lot of time is waste because people procrastinate and wait before accomplishing tasks that are necessary. Those become more and more difficult to complete as the day progresses. Here are five ways to help you fight procrastination.

1-    Create a daily “to-do” list.

Write what you need done in every aspect of your life that day. That will help you visualize the tasks at hand and also help you move forward faster. No need to depend on your memory. Just use a check-list. That will also help you feel more in control over your time.

2-    Plan the day the evening before.

That will save you enormous amount of time in procrastinating at the start of your day. Read the plan in the morning so you can start right away.

3-    Divide big tasks into smaller ones.

When you see you won’t be able to complete a…

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