The other morning, my wife and I were having breakfast together.  It was a beautiful daybreak, and we were soaking in the sunshine, through the bay window, and chatting back and forth, and enjoying each other’s company.  Rather abruptly, she said, “I need to call the pharmacist” and went to the other room to call.  In a few minutes, I heard her slam the phone down, and she came back to the table, sat down, and said, “RUDE Pharmacist!!”  I thought to myself, that I should go visit with the pharmacist, as my wife was upset, over something.

   I walked into the pharmacy, and could see that things were a little hectic for him.  When he saw me, he said, “I can see that you’re angry, and I understand, but let me tell you how my morning’s been.  I woke up late, and hurried around, and found there…

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