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Who Sold your Shares on the Avenue? That’s the question…

It could be a little irritating when you see, that your shareprice  is dropping and also see through the ‘evaluation’ tab on EA, that people sold your shares. But you don’t know Who??

If you recognise this, maybe this post is relevant for you, otherwise if you are absolute not interested with this issue ‘who sold you shares?’, please skip this post!!

OK, for those who are interested, you will ask yourself, are there ways to see quickly who sold your Shares? The anwer is NO.

EAv don’t give you the information. And if you wondering, could  Dr Dennis tool or Ben’s Avenue.io  give you the right info! The anwer is also NO! Why?? they working with live databases and can’t compare. Ben have tried it, but you can’t trust that information!!..

There is…

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